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Thin-layer chromatography

Everything you need for Thin-Layer Chromatography!

We have chambers, detection and irradiation systems, UV analysis lamps, atomisers, plates, papers, and more!

Available from the world's leading brands - biostep, Lenz, Vilber Lourmat and Abimed!

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Spray box with fan

Spray box with fan For spraying TLC plates with aggressive media. Housing made of acid-resistant PVC...
From RM 14,041.50

UV analysis lamp HP-UVIS ®

UV analysis lamp HP-UVIS ® For UV analysis without a darkroom. Inclusive UV shield. High-pressu...
From RM 12,797.40

Assorted parts, accessories, spares, and components for Vilber Lourmat equipment

Need something not on the list? Send us an email with the manufacturer's part number and we'll do what we can to source it!
From RM 11,233.20

UV irradiation system BIO-LINK, BLX 254

UV irradiation system BIO-LINK, BLX 254 Compact and powerful, ideal for a broad range of applicati...
From RM 9,804.30

TLC plate cutter

TLC plate cutter For scoring and cutting glass backed TLC plates. For cost-effectiveness in plate us...
From RM 4,775.10

Simultaneous batch separating chamber

Simultaneous batch separating chamber With absolutely flat, chamber floor, ground flange rim and lid...
From RM 2,115.30

HPLC Detector lamps

From RM 2,108.70

TLC chambers, double trough

TLC chambers, double trough Desaga double trough chambers offer all the advantages of chromatographi...
From RM 1,887.60

PLC plates

PLC plates Silica gel 60 F 254...
From RM 1,653.30

Dipping chamber, glass insert

Dipping chamber, glass insert For TLC plates Highly-resistant glass Clear width 5 mm Small volu...
From RM 1,494.90

TLC Viewing cabinets, CN-6/ CN-15

TLC Viewing cabinets, CN-6/ CN-15 Model CN-6: for one or two UV hand lamps model BVL-6; choice of c...
From RM 1,356.30

Dipping chamber racks, PP, for 2 dipping chambers

Dipping chamber racks, PP, for 2 dipping chambers Serves as a holder during the dipping process and ...
From RM 1,178.10