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Optical instruments and Microscopes

Microscopes, UV-VIS Spectrophotometers, Hand-Held Refractometers and Magnifiers

Order microscopes, refractometers, photometers and quality optical instruments and equipment from LabFriend’s range of laboratory optical instrumentation and microscopy products. In addition, LabFriend also offers the microscopy consumables online including slides, cold light sources, slide covers, slide storage and staining accessories.

LabFriend’s range of optical equipment is sourced from the worlds leading brands including microscope products from Motic and Carl Zeiss, spectrophotometers from Jenway, and a large range of benchtop and hand-held brix refractometers from Atago, Ebro, and Exacta Optech.

LabFriend recognises that quality is paramount when purchasing microscope and refractometers. We care about your results which is why we only offer the premium brands at globally competitive prices. All laboratory equipment from LabFriend includes a 1 year warranty.

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Calorimeter C 6000 global standards Package 1/10 with chiller

The C 6000 global standards oxygen bomb calorimeter combines modern technology, variability and automation (adiabatic, isoperibol; dynamic modes) in one instrument
From RM 302,487.90

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882 Measurement Scales: Angle of rotation, specific rotation, International Su...
From RM 104,362.50

Polarimeter P8000 series

Polarimeter P8000 series The P8000 with a measurement accuracy of ±0.003° and the P8100 t...
From RM 82,031.40

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch 2

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch 2 Epoch 2 is a compact microplate spectrophotometer that combines...
From RM 80,394.60

Digital Refractometer RX-5000i / RX-5000i-Plus

Digital Refractometer RX-5000i / RX-5000i-Plus The most accurate refractometer in the world is now e...
From RM 68,158.20

Polarimeter AP-300

Polarimeter AP-300 Model AP-300 is generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, ...
From RM 62,977.20

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch Epoch™ is a monochromator-based microplate spectrophotomete...
From RM 58,789.50

Digital Refractometer RX-5000 / RX-5000Alpha / RX-5000Alpha Plus/RX-9000Alpha

Digital Refractometer RX-5000 / RX-5000Alpha / RX-5000Alpha Plus/RX-9000Alpha The RX-5000, RX-5000 A...
From RM 54,525.90

Automatic Polarimeter P3000

Automatic Polarimeter P3000 Polarimeter without sample temperature control for standard applications...
From RM 51,829.80

Microplate Reader ELx808

Microplate Reader ELx808 High quality optics, fast measurement and superior incubation are the hallm...
From RM 48,081.00

Microplate Reader EZ Read LED

Microplate Reader EZ Read LED The EZ Read range provides a comprehensive range of robust, fast and a...
From RM 37,342.80

Spectrophotometer Model 6850

Spectrophotometer Model 6850 Double beam spectrophotometer with a variable spectral bandwidth. The h...
From RM 37,177.80