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These oversleeves are designed to be put on lab staffs arms to protect from hazards, light weight and anti static available. LabFriend offers two high quality models from both Dupont Tyvek and Kleenguard

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Sleeve Guard MICROGARD ® 2000, Model 600

Sleeve Guard MICROGARD ® 2000, Model 600 white Elasticated at both ends Bound seams...
From RM 2,785.20

AlphaTec ® Glove Connector

AlphaTec ® Glove Connector The AlphaTec ® Glove Connector provides an easy chemical protec...
From RM 1,821.60

Oversleeves KLEENGUARD* A40

Oversleeves KLEENGUARD* A40 Light duty, antistatic....
From RM 1,188.00

Sleeve Guard Tyvek ® 500

Sleeve Guard Tyvek ® 500 50 cm long sleeve, white and in one size. Adjustable arm opening. ...
From RM 1,089.00

LLG-Disposable Protective Sleeves, PE

LLG-Disposable Protective Sleeves, PE PE film with elastic, latex-free, length 40 cm...
From RM 16.50