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Glass working

Glass marking pens available in manual or electronic models

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Electro-diamond pen

Electro-diamond pen For writing on specimen slides and for marking, labelling or engraving metal or ...
From RM 3,003.00

Nibs, for electro-diamond pen.

Nibs, for electro-diamond pen. For electro-diamond pen. Supplied singly....
From RM 683.10

Glass cutter with plastic handle

Glass cutter with plastic handle With replaceable blade....
From RM 478.50

Glascribe ® Pen

Glascribe ® Pen Mark laboratory glassware with the Glascribe ® Pen with retractable tungst...
From RM 267.30

Glass cutting knife

Glass cutting knife With interchangeable blades made of metal. Length: 185 mm. With plastic handle....
From RM 158.40

Glass markers, diamond-tipped

Glass markers, diamond-tipped Writing diamond for writing on glass. Available as a pen with retracta...
From RM 132.00

Glasstube cutter

Glasstube cutter For tubes up to Ø 40 mm. With replaceable carbide wheel....
From RM 42.90

Glass tubing cutter

Glass tubing cutter For glass tubing up to 30mm Ø. With interchangeable hard metal wheel....
From RM 26.40