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Glass cuvettes

Quality Glass Cuvettes For Spectrophotometers

Glass Cuvettes for Spectrophotometers, Absorption Measurement and More!

Glass cuvettes also known as cells for a variety of applications such as absorption measurement, flow-through measurement, uv-range cells, fluorenszenz-flow measurements, fluorescence measurement, light scattering measurements, Cylindrical Cells for polarimetric measurements, reflection measurements (visible-region) and turbidity measurements (uv-range). We also stock many accessories such standards, window plates, cell plates and cell storage containers. From well-established specialist brands such as Schuett Biotec.

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Cell storage container, Küvibox 2

Cell storage container, Küvibox 2 Dust-proof, rigid container for storing clean cells. Accommod...
From RM 574.20

Mini cell washer, Vakuwasch

Mini cell washer, Vakuwasch PE construction. Practically unbreakable. Glass cuvettes are washed and ...
From RM 16.50