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Cleaning implements

Cleaning Implements

Keep your laboratory clean and strile with our range of brushes, cleaning wipes, microfibre cloths, paper towels and dispensers, draining racks, medical rolls and more!

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Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes Pack of 10. Brush with swivel head, head 21mm x 44mm x 24mm for vessels with NS 2...
From RM 1,082.40

Draining rack PVC

Draining rack PVC The draining rack is easy and flexible to set down on a table or working surface. ...
From RM 1,062.60

Draining rack LaboPlast ® , PVC

Draining rack LaboPlast ® , PVC Wall mounting. Perforated with holes to take interchangeable peg...
From RM 983.40

Cleaning wipes, KIMTECH* Process Wiper, cloths

Cleaning wipes, KIMTECH* Process Wiper, cloths Blue, super strong, robust, lint-free, PP reusable wi...
From RM 943.80

Medical wipe rolls, Scott ® Super-Soft

Medical wipe rolls, Scott ® Super-Soft 3-ply, soft, white tissue. 100 % new cellulose. For medi...
From RM 851.40

Draining Rack, ABS

Draining Rack, ABS Laboratory space is always in high demand. Scienceware ® Lab-Aire ® II ...
From RM 739.20

Towels, Scott ® Plus

Towels, Scott ® Plus Airflex * material, ultra-white, 1-ply x 35g/m²....
From RM 732.60

Medical rolls Scott ® , white

Medical rolls Scott ® , white 2-ply, soft tissue. 100 % recycled material. For hospitals, clinic...
From RM 726.00

Cellulose tissue Pehazell ®

Cellulose tissue Pehazell ® Pulp with high absorbency, suitable as absorptive pad, padding mate...
From RM 722.70

Towels, Scott ® Excellent Plus

Towels, Scott ® Excellent Plus Airflex* material, ultra-white, 2-ply. SCOTT ® Hand Towels ...
From RM 636.90

Portable floor stand

Portable floor stand With refuse sack. Metal, blue....
From RM 620.40

Dispenser uvex one2click and Wall-mounted dispenser

Draining racks, polyamide coated For test tubes and flasks with drip pan....
From RM 610.50