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Weighing Accessories

Accesorries for laboratory balances: Anti Vibration Platforms, Sample Dishes, Weighing Boats, Scoops, Spoons.

Laboratory balance accessories for analytical balances, precision balances and platform balances including aluminum sample dishes,weighing boats, anti-vibration platforms, weighing dishes, bottles in numerous sizes and shapes.

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Anti-vibration platform, Vibrasorb

Anti-vibration platform, Vibrasorb For absorbing and damping vibrations down to 16Hz. Comprises of a...
From RM 6,332.70

LLG-Weighing boats, PS

From RM 864.60

Weighing boat parchment paper, Kjeldahl 609, nitrogen-free

Weighing boat parchment paper, Kjeldahl 609, nitrogen-free Ideal for weighing and transporting all t...
From RM 749.10

Weighing boats MN 808, Paper, nitrogen-free

Weighing boats MN 808, Paper, nitrogen-free Pack of 100 pieces....
From RM 722.70

Pour Boat Weighing Dishes

Pour Boat Weighing Dishes
From RM 630.30

Multi-functional compact printer for balances/scales

Easy setting and operation with a numeric keypad and LCD display

Planar weighing apparatus

Planar weighing apparatus Glass. For all weighing procedures involving the dispersal of material int...
From RM 544.50

Weighing Papers, Grade 2122

Weighing Papers, Grade 2122 The weigh paper sheets reliably allow samples to be transferred to scale...
From RM 518.10

Analytical Sieve Shakers AS 200 basic/digit/control, AS 300 control, AS 450 basic, AS 450 control

Sample dishes, Aluminium For moisture analysers....
From RM 392.70

LLG-Weighing boats, PS

LLG-Weighing boats, PS Polystyrene....
From RM 376.20

Weighing boats, PS

From RM 333.30