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The Best Homegeniser Equipment and Bag Mixers

Massive Range of Laboratory Homeginsers and Homeginiser Tools to Suit Any Labs Budget

A large range of homegenisers and diverse mixing implements and their accessories. We have bag mixers and stomachers as well as the required blender bags for increased safety, paddle mixers and rack form for 14 stomacher bags. LabFriend offers the leading homeginser brands including bagmixers and diluters from InterScience

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Blender, Stomacher 400 Circulator

Blender, Stomacher 400 Circulator
From RM 25,449.60

Laboratory mixer, BagMixer ® Series S

Laboratory mixer, BagMixer ® Series S BagMixer ® 400 S / 400 SW is a new generation of lab...
From RM 19,116.90

Laboratory paddle blender MiniMix ® 100

Laboratory paddle blender MiniMix ® 100 MiniMix ® 100 paddle blenders, from the BagMixer &...
From RM 12,322.20

Laboratory mixer, BagMixer ®

Laboratory mixer, BagMixer ® For sample preparation with easily adjustable paddle system. The B...
From RM 9,870.30

Laboratory mixer Bag Rotator Genie™

Laboratory mixer Bag Rotator Genie™ Powerful and rugged rotator for effective mixing of transf...
From RM 6,091.80

Accessories for stomacher bags

Accessories for stomacher bags Dimensions stand (LxDxH) : 360x180x195 mm...
From RM 567.60

Blender bags, BagSystem ®

Blender bags, BagSystem ® These highly resistant bags provide increased safety. The filter bags...
From RM 264.00