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Lab Glass and Plasticware, Science Equipment and Accessorries

Lab Glass and Plastic - Quick Fit Glassware, Test Tubes, Beakers, Cylinders and Flasks

Search our amazing selection of vessels, baskets, beakers, bottles, buckets, containers, crucibles, cylinders, dishes, flasks, funnels, measuring jugs, test tubes and tube racks for all of your laboratory needs.

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Dropping bottles Nalgene™, LDPE

Dropping bottles Nalgene™, LDPE White Suitable for food Leakproof Light-resistant ISO 13...
From RM 3,375.90

Dispensing funnel

Dispensing funnel Dispensing funnel for powdered substances. Offset pattern, constructed in borosili...
From RM 2,937.00

Wide-mouth packaging bottles Nalgene™ PPCO, with closure, PP

Wide-Mouth PPCO Packaging Bottles with Closure Nalgene? Ship and store diagnostics, biologicals, spe...
From RM 2,719.20

Measuring cans with spout

Measuring cans with spout 18/10 steel. Graduated. Please order lid separately....
From RM 2,699.40

Combustion boats

Combustion boats Unglazed porcelain. With eyehole....
From RM 2,659.80

Disposable test tubes

Disposable test tubes PS. Surface treated for improved cell adhesion and maximum yield. Sterile, wit...
From RM 2,455.20

Filter funnel, vacuum

Filter funnel, vacuum This filter funnel, which is designed for normal and low pressure, is made of ...
From RM 2,409.00

Nalgene™ Closed-Dome Polypropylene Tanks

Store, mix and dispense reagents in Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Closed-Dome Polypropylene Tanks, designed for use as closed containment systems.
From RM 2,843.28

Stainless steel jerrycan

Stainless steel jerrycan Material type 4301. Chromium content: 17 to 19 %, nickel content: 8.5 to 10...
From RM 2,036.10

Double-walled wide-mouth bottles GLS 80 ® , DURAN ®

Double-walled wide-mouth bottles GLS 80 ® , DURAN ® The DURAN ® double-walled wide-mou...
From RM 1,871.10