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Histology Equipment and Consumables

Histology Products Online  - Embedding Cassettes, Dissecting Kits, and Scalpels

The largest range of quality histology products for sale online including surgical grade German made dissecting kits and scalpels as well as tissue floating baths and embedding cassettes. LabFriend's large range of histology products are shipped with manufacturer’s warranty and we only source from the leading histology brands inlcuding B.Braun and Hammacher.

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Syringe pump Legato ® 130

Syringe pump Legato ® 130 The Legato ® 130 Nanoliter pump is ideal for stereotaxic and mic...
From RM 16,826.70

Paraffin Wax Dispenser MH8524

Paraffin Wax Dispenser MH8524 The Paraffin Wax Dispenser delivers quickly and conveniently on-demand...
From RM 12,813.90

Histology Freeze Plate HPLAT-30

Histology Freeze Plate HPLAT-30 Ultra-cold surface freezes samples quickly, reduces overall proces...
From RM 12,454.20

Micro-dissection kit

Micro-dissection kit Supplied as a set of 10 instruments in a wooden case...
From RM 3,643.20

Tissue Vial CryoELITE ® , sterile

Tissue Vial CryoELITE ® , sterile The CryoELITE ® Tissue Vials are specifically designed fo...
From RM 1,554.30

Microscope slide drying bench, MH 6616

Microscope slide drying bench, MH 6616 Slide Drying Bench aids in the preparation of microscope slid...
From RM 976.80

Water bath/Tissue Float Bath 1052

Water bath/Tissue Float Bath 1052 Special bath to stretch and dry cut tissue samples embedded in wax...
From RM 735.90

Paraffin Section Flotation Bath, MH8517

Paraffin Section Flotation Bath, MH8517 The Paraffin Section Flotation Bath is designed to assist wi...
From RM 669.90

Water bath, W 16

Water bath, W 16 For temperatures up to 95 °C. The high-grade, stainless steel bath (106 mm &Osl...
From RM 617.10

Biologist's instrument set

Biologist's instrument set Comprises of the following: 1 pair fine preparation forceps, straight, 13...
From RM 610.50

Dissecting set for students

Dissecting set for students Comprises: 1 x scalpel handle No. 3 5 x sterile, disposable scalpel blad...
From RM 339.90

Dissecting set, 8 pieces, stainless steel

Dissecting set, 8 pieces, stainless steel 1 Scissors, sharp 1 Forceps, blunt 1 Scalpel with blad...
From RM 336.60