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Bottle Brushes and Sets for Laboratory Equipment

Explore our range of bottle brushes, fine-bristle cleaning brushes and brush sets suitable for laboratory glassware and equipment.

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Cleaning brushes

Cleaning brushes Pack of 10. Brush with swivel head, head 21mm x 44mm x 24mm for vessels with NS 2...
From RM 1,082.40

Cleaning brush

Cleaning brush Cleaning brush with wood handle for sedimenting jar...
From RM 303.60

LLG-Cleaning brushes

LLG-Cleaning brushes Excellent tools for washing and cleaning of all type of laboratory bottles, fla...
From RM 148.50

Brush set, silk painting

Brush set, silk painting Silk painting brush set, comprising of one each - round tip, sizes 1, 4, 8;...
From RM 135.30

Brush set

Brush set Comprising one each size 3 round and pointed, size 0 flat and pointed and size 1 wide hair...
From RM 125.40

Brush bag

Brush bag Empty, imitation leather bag, for 8 brushes....
From RM 108.90

LLG-Weighing brush, with wooden handle

LLG-Weighing brush, with wooden handle Fine hair weighing brush with pointed tips and wooden black h...
From RM 85.80

Bottle Brush with crank handle

Bottle Brush with crank handle The bottle brushes in nylon version are heat resistant up to 100 °...
From RM 75.90

Brush set

Brush set Comprising of one each - round sizes 0, 4 and 6, flat sizes 6 and 10....
From RM 69.30

Hair brushes, oval

Hair brushes, oval Black goat hair. In metal mounts on round wood handle....
From RM 52.80

Balance brush

Balance brush Oval....
From RM 49.50

Hair brushes, broad

Hair brushes, broad Bear bristle. Blunt head. Flat stem....
From RM 42.90
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