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Viscometers - hand-held and benchtop, available in automatic or manual.

We also have plenty of accessories to match, such as flow cups/rings, immersion cups heating jackets, stands and more!

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Texture Analyser TEX'AN TOUCH

Texture Analyser TEX'AN TOUCH The Texture Analyzer TEX'AN TOUCH is a test instrument for the determi...
From RM 56,849.10

Density meter DS7700 / DS7800 sets

Density meter DS7700 / DS7800 sets Density meters DS7700 and DS7800 as complete sets containing all ...
From RM 50,813.40

Ubbelohde-Viscometer automatic measurement

Ubbelohde-Viscometer automatic measurement
From RM 2,026.20

Viscometer holders

Brackets made of stainless steel suitable for use with all Ubbelohde viscometers for manual and automatic measurements
From RM 1,042.80

Accessories for Density meter Densito 30PX

Density meter Densito 30PX Portable instrument for determining the specific gravity. Wide range of ...
From RM 534.60