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pH Measuring Equipment and Accessories

pH Meters, pH Probes and pH Buffers - Handheld and Economical pH Meters

Electrochemistry and pH measurement equipment including: benchtop meters, handheld meters, portable, food grade, buffers, electrodes, conductivity, WTW, Mettler Toledo and more.

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pH meter, SevenExcellence™ S400

pH meter, SevenExcellence™ S400 Modular professional system for measurements of pH, redox pote...
From RM 10,101.30

pH-meter HandyLab 680

pH-meter HandyLab 680 The HandyLab 680 increases the measuring accuracy via: IDS technology. The di...
From RM 8,068.50

Laboratory pH meter Knick 765

Laboratory pH meter Knick 765 With many safety features making pH measurement easier and more reliab...
From RM 7,632.90

Ion-selective electrodes

Ion-selective electrodes Combined ISE and GSE electrodes....
From RM 6,065.40

pH meter HandyLab 600

pH meter HandyLab 600 CMC (Continuous Measurement Control) visualizes whether the measuring value is...
From RM 5,636.40

pH meter HandyLab 700 / 750

pH meter HandyLab 700 / 750 Portable pH measuring devices by SI Analytics with Memosens ® tech...
From RM 5,052.30

pH/Ion meter SevenCompact™ S220

pH/Ion meter SevenCompact™ S220 The colour display with its well-designed icons and menu setti...
From RM 4,880.70

Laboratory pH meter 766

Laboratory pH meter 766 Laboratory pH meter for standard laboratory applications Gaincheck ® p...
From RM 4,606.80

pH/Ion-Meter Seven2Go™ pro S8

pH/Ion-Meter Seven2Go™ pro S8 Portable professional model for pH measurement New, intuitive m...
From RM 4,491.30

pH meter SevenCompact™ S210

pH meter SevenCompact™ S210 The SevenCompact™ pH meter S210 is the perfect choice for a ...
From RM 4,441.80

Fluoride electrodes

Fluoride electrodes For quick and easy measurement of fluoride ions in aqueous solutions. When using...
From RM 4,425.30

pH combination electrode InPro 3030

pH combination electrode InPro 3030 pH combination electrode for use in aggressive media, e.g. acidi...
From RM 4,329.60