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Fire protection

Söhngen and Jutec offer some of the best quality fibreglass fire blankets, ensuring your laboratory is safe and cost-effective. Containers also available.

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Aluminized Frontal Protection Coat

Flexible fabric, Very pleasant wearing comfort, High heat reflection, Hook-and-loop closure on open back section, Length of 100 cm to 160 cm Sizes from 46 to 70
From RM 1,603.80

Fire blanket, fibreglass

Fire blanket, fibreglass For extinguishing flames and to cover persons on fire. With hand-hold pock...
From RM 330.00

Container for Fire Blanket

Container for Fire Blanket Fire blanket container made of galvanized welded steel sheet, to be opene...
From RM 310.20

Fire Blanket, Fibreglass

Fire Blanket, Fibreglass The fire blanket is a small fire equipment principally used to extinguish s...
From RM 280.50