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Wide-mouth bottles

Wide Neck Bottles For The Lab

Massive Range of Wide Neck Bottles and Caps for the Lab - Ideal for Sample Storage

Wide neck laboratory bottles in all shapes and sizes including Schott Duran bottles, glass, borisilicate, screw caps, amber, safety-coated, pouring rings, PTFE, PE-LD, Polypropylene, PE-HD, Kautex and more. Our massive range of glassware is sourced from the leading laboraory glassware suppliers. If you cannot find the wide neck bottle you are after, LabFriend has access to the entire range of products fro our suppliers. Let our customer service team know what type lab bottles you need and we will source it for you.

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Wide-mouth packaging bottles Nalgene™ PPCO, with closure, PP

Wide-Mouth PPCO Packaging Bottles with Closure Nalgene? Ship and store diagnostics, biologicals, spe...
From RM 2,719.20

Double-walled wide-mouth bottles GLS 80 ® , DURAN ®

Double-walled wide-mouth bottles GLS 80 ® , DURAN ® The DURAN ® double-walled wide-mou...
From RM 1,871.10

GLS 80 ® Stirred Reactor

GLS 80 ® Stirred Reactor The GLS 80 ® stirred reactor is suitable for a wide range of labo...
From RM 1,310.10

Aspirator bottles, DURAN ®

Aspirator bottles, DURAN ® With DIN thread GL 45 neck and GL 32 outlet at the base. Complete wi...
From RM 838.20

Wide-mouth bottles, PTFE, with screw cap

Wide-mouth bottles, PTFE, with screw cap Good chemical and thermal resistance Sturdy, strong-wall...
From RM 607.20

Wide-mouth bottle Economy, HDPE, with screw cap, PP, brown

Wide-mouth bottle with screw cap Economy Type DS2185, PE-HD/PP, brown Protects light sensitive sampl...
From RM 607.20

Wide-mouth bottles, amber, with cap, PP

Wide-mouth bottles, amber, with PP cap Powder type. Amber. With white polypropylene wadless cap....
From RM 574.20

Wide-mouth bottles, FEP, with screw cap, ETFE

Wide-Mouth Bottles Typ 2100, 2101, FEP with screw cap ETFE Highest temperature, chemical and corrosi...
From RM 448.80

GL45 Stirred Reactor

GL45 Stirred Reactor The perfect support for your mixing processes Properties: driven using standa...
From RM 438.90

Wide-mouth bottle Economy, PPCO, with screw cap, PP

Wide-mouth bottle Economy Type 2187, PPCO General-purpose, single-use sample bottle. Leakproof. Aut...
From RM 425.70

Wide-mouth bottles, with closure

Wide-mouth bottles, with black plastic cap Powder type. Amber or clear glass as indicated. With blac...
From RM 366.30