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Quality and Economically Priced Spectrophotometers - Jenway, SI Analytics, LLG And More!

Spectrophotometers For Every Labs Budget

Jenway Spectrophotometers and Spectrophotometer accessories for the laboratory from leading brands including SI Analytics, Jenway, Exacta optica and Kruss. We have a massive range of spectrophotometers to choose from. We understand that not every lab needs an instrument crammed with every feature. If you are teaching we have fantastic well priced spectrophotometers sourced from LLG. If you are lookinng to purchase a quality spectrophotometer in the mid range budget, you cannot go wrong with a Jenway Spectrophotometer. Used in teaching and reasearch labs around the world. Jenway is very popular with universities where they are used for teaching and research.  Contact LabFriend for more information about our huge range of spectrphotometers.

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Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch 2

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch 2 Epoch 2 is a compact microplate spectrophotometer that combines...
From RM 77,157.30

Microplate Reader ELx808

Microplate Reader ELx808 High quality optics, fast measurement and superior incubation are the hallm...
From RM 57,711.83

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch

Microplate Spectrophotometer Epoch Epoch™ is a monochromator-based microplate spectrophotomete...
From RM 56,410.20

Microplate Reader EZ Read LED

Microplate Reader EZ Read LED The EZ Read range provides a comprehensive range of robust, fast and a...
From RM 36,606.90

Spectrophotometer Model 6850

Spectrophotometer Model 6850 Double beam spectrophotometer with a variable spectral bandwidth. The h...
From RM 35,748.90

Spectrophotometer Genova Nano

Spectrophotometer Genova Nano The Genova Nano micro-volume spectrophotometer measures small sample v...
From RM 34,141.80

Microplate Reader EZ Read 800 / 800 Plus

Microplate Reader EZ Read 800 / 800 Plus The EZ Read range provides a comprehensive range of robust,...
From RM 33,158.40

Spectrophotometer DR 3900

Spectrophotometer DR 3900 High-performance, microprocessor driven VIS spectrophotometer with RFID te...
From RM 29,944.20

Spectrophotometer Genova Plus, for Life Science

Spectrophotometer Genova Plus, for Life Science The Genova Plus is a UV/visible spectrophotometer de...
From RM 26,994.00

Spectrophotometer UviLine SI

Spectrophotometer UviLine SI UviLine SI 5000 and UviLine SI 6000 for measurements at VIS-range from ...
From RM 23,298.00

Spectrophotometers XD 7000 VIS and XD 7500 UV-VIS

Spectrophotometers XD 7000 VIS and XD 7500 UV-VIS UV-VIS and VIS spectrophotometers with dual beam o...
From RM 23,189.10

74 Series UV/visible scanning spectrophotometer

Provide accurate and reliable results in various applications from teaching, to industrial applications, to routine sample analysis in quality control environments