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Laboratory Containers and Specimen Jars

Laboratory Specimen Jars, Specimen Containers and Sample Containers

Laboratory containers in all sizes and varieties inlcuding jars, sample containers, multi-purpose, glass, plastic, PP, screw cap, storage, wide-mouth, Duran, wide-neck, and more

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Containers, PS, with snap-on lid

Containers Transparent Snap-on lid LDPE Conical shape...
From RM 1,389.30

Multi-purpose jars, PS

Multi-purpose jars, PS Multi-purpose, Polystyrene jar without cap. Please order cap separately....
From RM 1,092.30

Sample cups, PS, with snap-on lid, PE

Sample cups, PS Transparent....
From RM 1,036.20

Jars with screw cap, PFA

Jars with screw cap, PFA Translucent, non-porous, sturdy design with screw cap with 2 connections fo...
From RM 1,016.40

Jars, conical, with snap lid, PP

Jars with snap lid, PP Volume 400 ml, with 50 ml subdivisions, height 100 mm, Ø at bottom 70 ...
From RM 986.70

Ointment jars, clear glass

Ointment jars Extra wide mouth with black plastic cap....
From RM 864.60

Nalgene™ Rectangular Polypropylene Tank with Cover

Reduce evaporation and contamination
From RM 768.90

Scintillation vials, HDPE

Scintillation vials, HDPE For use in automated analytical systems. Insert tubes, capacity of 5 ml wi...
From RM 716.10

Multi-purpose beakers, PP, with screw cap, PE

Multi-purpose beakers, PP, with screw cap, PE For hygienic and odorless urine sample handling....
From RM 663.30

Scintillation vials, PE

Scintillation vials, PE Unbreakable vials compatible with all liquid scintillation counters. Heavy w...
From RM 650.10