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Calorimeter C 6000 global standards Package 1/10 with chiller

The C 6000 global standards oxygen bomb calorimeter combines modern technology, variability and automation (adiabatic, isoperibol; dynamic modes) in one instrument

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882

Polarimeter SAC-i 589/882 Measurement Scales: Angle of rotation, specific rotation, International Su...
From RM 104,362.50

Polarimeter P8000 series

Polarimeter P8000 series The P8000 with a measurement accuracy of ±0.003° and the P8100 t...
From RM 82,031.40

Polarimeter AP-300

Polarimeter AP-300 Model AP-300 is generally used in pharmaceutical, perfume, cosmetic, industrial, ...
From RM 62,977.20

Automatic Polarimeter P3000

Automatic Polarimeter P3000 Polarimeter without sample temperature control for standard applications...
From RM 51,829.80

Polarimeter Polax-2L

Polarimeter Polax-2L The Polax-2L (manually-operating meter with digital indicator) is widely used i...
From RM 29,990.40

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo All-in-One refractometer and polarimeter hybrid unit. Only 3 ...
From RM 8,764.80

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo

Digital Refractometer/Polarimeter RePo-1 A fusion of index of refraction and angle of optical rotati...
From RM 8,764.80

Polarimeter PL1

Polarimeter PL1 Simple and sturdy instrument to measure the rotation angle of optically active subst...
From RM 3,349.50

Hand spectroscopes

Hand spectroscopes Handy and precise. Angle dispersion C -F: 7°. Linear dispersion: 60 mm (direc...
From RM 1,333.20