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Desiccators - plastic

Plastic Desiccators - Huge Range of Options for Your Lab

Desiccators - Plastic - Light and strong for the Laboratory

Plastic desiccators for storing or drying humidity sensitive products using silica gel or attaching a vacuum pump. Available in all shapes and sizes, and come in a variety of materials such as plastics PMMA, PC or borosilicate glass. We also stock a variety of accessories such as venting stoppers, desiccant sachets and desiccator plates. From well established brands such as LabFriend, brand, Kartell and Sicco, at affordable prices.

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LLG-Vacuum desiccators, polycarbonate, round form, "Heavy Duty"

LLG-Vacuum desiccators, polycarbonate, round form, "Heavy Duty" Cost effective alternative to glass ...
From RM 1,089.00

Disposable Desiccant Cartridges

Disposable Desiccant Cartridges Use to reduce moisture in desiccator cabinets or within cases contai...
From RM 653.40

Vacuum desiccators, PP

Vacuum desiccators, PP With clear PC lid. White PP base, reinforced to reduce danger of implosion un...
From RM 613.80

Desiccators, Type 5309, 5310, PC, blue

Desiccators, Type 5309, 5310, PC, blue Transparent PC bell and blue PP lower part. Will not break or...
From RM 508.20

Desiccators, plastic, vacuum, PC/PP

Desiccators, plastic, vacuum, PC/PP Crystal clear, PC dome lid. PP. Lower section and desiccant tray...
From RM 336.60

Accessory venting stopper for desiccators, PC

Accessory venting stopper for desiccators, PC PC. With non-return valve....
From RM 138.60

Spare Parts and Assorted Accessories - Thermo Scientific

Assorted parts, spares, and components for Thermo Scientific brand products. Need something not on the list? Send us an email with the manufacturer's part number and we'll do what we can to source it.
From RM 92.40

Desiccator plates, PP

Desiccator plates, PP PP. For use at room temperature. Not suitable for use with hot crucibles....
From RM 36.30

Spare O-Rings

Spare O-Rings Neoprene rubber....
From RM 19.80

Desiccators Accessories

From RM 9.90