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Huge Range of PCR Equipment Online

Thermal Cyclers, PCR Cabinets, Well Plates and PCR Tubes. Everything PCR!

LabFriend's massive range of high quality PCR equipment has every component of your PRC work covered. From sourcing quality PCR cabinets from globally recognised brands such as ESCO, to ensuring accuracy throughout your PCR work utilising thermal cyclers from Techne down to the ubiquitous Eppendorf PCR Tubes.  LabFriend offers globally competitive prices on PCR plates, microplates, omni-trays capping aids, plate sealers, clear seals,  tubes, adhesive films and foils, boxes, racks and much, much more.

Chat to our team online today and allow us to help you to find the best PCR solution at the best price without compromising on quality.

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Thermocycler Alpha Cycler

Thermocycler Alpha Cycler The Alpha Cycler family form PCRmax provides a range of features which are...
From RM 28,785.90

Thermocycler MultiGene™ OptiMax

Thermocycler MultiGene™ OptiMax The Thermocycler MultiGene™ OptiMax replaces the MultiGe...
From RM 19,433.70

Thermoycler MultiGene™ Mini

Thermoycler MultiGene™ Mini MultiGene Mini is a compact and lightweight thermocycler. This cyc...
From RM 16,021.50

PCR Cabinets Type Airstream ®

PCR Cabinets Type Airstream ® Active PCR Cabinet with built-in UV Decontamination and true vert...
From RM 14,866.50

UV/PCR cabinet UVT-B-AR

UV/PCR cabinet UVT-B-AR Economy bench-top model for protection against contamination during a variet...
From RM 10,784.40

Thermocyclers PRIME/ PRIMEG

Thermocyclers PRIME/ PRIMEG Personal thermocyclers - perfect for routine laboratory use Approved cy...
From RM 2,844.60

Thermocyclers 3 PRIMEBASE / 3 PRIMEX / 3 PRIMEG

Thermocyclers 3 PRIMEBASE / 3 PRIMEX / 3 PRIMEG Mid-size thermocyclers - find space on any labora...
From RM 2,372.70

FTA Cards

FTA Cards FTA Classic Cards Four sample areas for storage of up to 4 x 125µl whole blood or ...
From RM 2,582.25

Clear Seal 3730

Clear Seal 3730 Thin clear Polyester backed film forming a piercable seal to PP, PS and COC plates....
From RM 1,798.50

384 well PCR-Plates, white, for real-time PCR

384 well PCR-Plates, white, for real-time PCR The use of real-time PCR (qPCR) is becoming increasing...
From RM 1,785.30

Racks for magnetic nanoparticle based separations

Racks for magnetic nanoparticle based separations Rack suitable for all magnetic separation experime...
From RM 1,560.90

Eppendorf twin.tec PCR plates 384

Eppendorf twin.tec PCR plates 384 Product features of twin.tec PCR Plates 384: U-shaped inner con...
From RM 1,518.00