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Mortar And Pestle  - Agate, Plastic, Metal and Porcelain

Mortar and Pestles - Mortars in Every Material, Shape and Size

Mortar and pestle of all shapes and sizes for crushing and grinding into a fine powder. Usually used for dry substances and most commonly used in pharmacies for grinding medicine. Agate mortars and pestles as well as porcelain mortars and pestles with wooden handles available. Stainless steel mortar and pestle also available. We even have Melamine mortars!

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Cryomortar Stainless steel cryovessel with mortar insert in solid PE casing. With rubber suction foo...
From RM 2,326.50

Mortar and pestle sets, stainless steel

Mortar and pestle sets, stainless steel Mortar and head of pestle are both made from stainless steel...
From RM 716.10

Mortars and pestles, Agate

Mortars and pestles, Agate Agate. Polished. Standard quality. Other sizes available on request....
From RM 415.80

Mortars and Pestles, Achat, black

Mortars and Pestles, Achat, black Manufactured from agate stone. Recommended for use in laboratories...
From RM 323.40

Mortars and pestles, MF

Mortars and pestles, MF White. Melamine formaldehyde (MF). With spouted mortar. Resistant to boilin...
From RM 283.80

Mortar, stainless steel

Mortar, stainless steel Mortar and pestle head are both made from stainless steel....
From RM 247.50

Mortar with pestle,Porcelain

Mortar with pestle,Porcelain Unglazed, with wooden handled pestle....
From RM 217.80

Mortars without pestle, porcelain

Mortars without pestle, porcelain To DIN 12906. With spout, pestle not supplied. Externally and insi...
From RM 155.10

Pestles, MF

Pestles, MF Melamine-formaldehyde pestles, heavy duty....
From RM 141.90

Pestles, porcelain

Pestles, porcelain To DIN 12906. Handle and grinding surface is glazed....
From RM 138.60

Mortars, MF

Mortars, MF Melamine-formaldehyde mortars, with spout, without pestle....
From RM 122.10

Pestles for mortars, Agate

From RM 95.70
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