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Laboratory Heating Consumables - Bunsen Burners, Tripods and Tongs

Safety Burners, Beaker tongs Bunsen Burner Tripods and Stands

We have a huge range of bunsen burners and safety burners, and accessories for both; tongs for beakers, crucibles, dishes and flasks, wire gauze, gas lighters and tripods.

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Infrared burner PowerCube IRB2

Infrared burner PowerCube IRB2 Laboratory heating device for the safe, rapid heating of large sample...
From RM 2,970.00

Electric Bunsen burner BA6101

Electric Bunsen burner BA6101 Electrothermal's Electric Bunsen, combines the advantages of a regular...
From RM 2,270.40

Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1

Infrared burner, PowerCube IRB1 The PowerCube is suitable for all rapid, non-contact heating activit...
From RM 1,712.70

Beaker tongs, with rubber-sleeved jaws

Beaker tongs, with rubber-sleeved jaws Jaws protected with 2 rubber pads each. Arm length: 160mm....
From RM 1,122.00

Accessories for gas-safety burner schuett phoenix II

Flame sterilizer schuett easyflame Mobile device for scarfing and flame-sterilising. With piezoelect...
From RM 1,009.80

Safety burner, Ms-Ni

Safety burner, Ms-Ni Maximum temperature 1300°C, with needle valve, thermo safety element (bim...
From RM 983.40

Teclu burners

Teclu burners Teclu safety burner with needle stopping valve and thermofeeler with safety valve on h...
From RM 957.00

Teclu burners with needle valve

Teclu burners with needle valve DIN type. With thread connection, ignition protection, thermocouple,...
From RM 735.90

Multi gas burner Teclu, Ms-Ni

Multi gas burner Teclu, Ms-Ni With stopcock. Air regulation, max. 1300°C. An anti-slip rubber co...
From RM 643.50

Teclu burners

Teclu burners Teclu burner with stopcock and pilot flame DIN (NG-2411 BO0033)...
From RM 511.50

Teclu burner, Ms-Ni

Teclu burner, Ms-Ni Nickel-plated brass and steel. DIN 30665. max. 1300°C, with needle valve, ai...
From RM 458.70

Meker burners

Meker burners Heavy pressure diecast base with integral inlet tube for 8mm bore flexible gas tubing....
From RM 445.50