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Huber High Precision Thermoregulation Equipment  - Made in Germany

Huber Thermostats and Huber Chillers

Huber manufacturer quality thermostats at great prices.  Huber produce a variety of precise thermoregulation solutions which are used worldwide including chillers, waterbaths and thermostats. Huber is the technological leader in the area of both research and industry.  Huber have won the 'small and medium sized' TOP 100 most innovative enterprises in Germany, for three years running.

If you need assitance selecting a Huber Thermostat or chiller chat to the LabFriend customer service team online today. LabFriend also carries chillers and thermostats from other brands including Julabo, Lauda and Grant.

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Thread adapters

From RM 227.70

Beer Force-Ageing-Test Bath BFT ® 5

Beer Force-Ageing-Test Bath BFT ® 5 We offer special air cooled circulator for the Beer Force-Ag...
From RM 59,730.00

Heating circulators

Heating circulators Good things come in small packages! Thanks to their low bath volumes the models ...
From RM 8,537.10

Refrigerated Baths

Refrigerated Baths The refrigerated baths K12 to K25 use natural refrigerants. The immersion circula...
From RM 22,385.88

Compact refrigerated circulators - Ministat ®

Compact refrigerated circulators - Ministat ® Exceptionally compact and powerful, Ministats hav...
From RM 28,545.00

Refrigeration Bath Circulators to -45 °C

Refrigeration Bath Circulators to -45 °C HUBER refrigerated bath circulators perform safe and re...
From RM 44,876.70

Refrigerated Bath Circulators to -90°C

Refrigerated Bath Circulators to -90°C The CC-805 is a low cost alternative for low temperature ...
From RM 90,802.80

Cooling circulator Variostat ® for a variety of baths

Cooling circulator Variostat ® for a variety of baths This unique immersion circulator can ther...
From RM 41,292.90

Refrigeration Bath circulators to -55°C

Refrigeration Bath circulators to -55°C Compact design and high cooling capacity at low temperat...
From RM 46,734.60

Heating bath circulators

Heating bath circulators Heating bath circulators are suitable for temperatures up to 200 °C or ...
From RM 12,094.50

High temperature circulators Unistat ® up to 425°C

High temperature circulators Unistat ® up to 425°C The dynamic thermoregulation of the Unis...
From RM 61,178.70