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Embedding cassettes

Histology Cassettes

Histology Cassettes available from LLG. Embedding cassettes suitable for routine tissue and biopsy processing

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Metal trays for Histology

Metal trays for Histology Made of stainless steel for easy removal of paraffin inclusions: they allo...
From RM 287.10

Embedding rings

Embedding rings Suitable for the processing and histological inclusion of pieces in paraffin. Ideal ...
From RM 260.70

LLG-Histology cassettes with detachable lid

LLG-Histology cassettes with detachable lid For routine tissue and biopsy processing and embedding. ...
From RM 247.50

Histology cassettes, POM

Histology cassettes, POM Tissue embedding cassettes for paraffin inclusions. With clip-on lid that b...
From RM 132.00

Sponge for Histology cassettes

Sponge for Histology cassettes Synthetic sponge with a calibrated porosity that can easily be insert...
From RM 99.00

Drawer boxes Styrokay

Drawer boxes Styrokay White modular drawer box with 6 drawers for histology cassettes, documents and...
From RM 42.90