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Hand dispensers

Handheld Liquid Dispensers for the Laboratory

Hand dispensers in a variety of sizes, colours, and materials to accurately measure liquids to very precise intervals. Choose from manual or electronic, depending on the frequency of dispensing required. Available in various sizes and graduations from various big brands, such as Eppendorf, Duran, Vitlab, Hamilton, Socorex, Thermo Scientific and BRAND.

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Repetitive pipette HandyStep ® electronic

Repetitive pipette HandyStep ® electronic Microprocessor-controlled manual repetitive pipette f...
From RM 4,273.50

EASYCAL™ 4.0, calibration software

EASYCAL™ 4.0, calibration software Calibration software compatible with nearly all liquid hand...
From RM 1,653.30

Manual step dispenser, ripette ® pro

Manual step dispenser, ripette ® pro Due to its low weight the Ripette ® pro is most-sui...
From RM 1,501.50

Microdispensers, adjustable, Acura ® manual 865

Microdispensers, adjustable, Acura ® manual 865 Three models: 5 -1000 µL Excellent erg...
From RM 1,435.50

Manual step dispenser, ripette ®

Manual step dispenser, ripette ® Ritter ripette ® is a very comfortable device for hand di...
From RM 1,118.70

Manual Serial Dispenser LLG-uni DISPENS

Manual Serial Dispenser LLG-uni DISPENS The ergonomically designed manual dispenser LLG-uni DISPE...
From RM 1,056.00

Pipette tips, Eppendorf ViscoTip ®

Pipette tips, Eppendorf ViscoTip ® Combining Combitips advanced ® and ViscoTip ® with...
From RM 920.70

Self-filling laboratory syringes Dosys™

Self-filling laboratory syringes Dosys™ Optimal hand balance and ergonomics Fast and reliab...
From RM 630.30

Syringe tips, Ecostep

Syringe tips, Ecostep Individually wrapped sterile, or loose-packed non-sterile. Bioproof: Steril...
From RM 620.40

Dispenser tips

Dispenser tips ritips ® professional Nine tip sizes for steppers are suited for dispensing vo...
From RM 438.90

Dispensers Multipette ® M4

Dispensers Multipette ® M4 On the Multipette ® /Combitip system, volumes are dispensed usin...
From RM 425.70

Dispensers Multipette ® E3 and Multipette ® E3x

Dispensers Multipette ® E3 and Multipette ® E3x The new generation of Multipette ® , E...
From RM 425.70