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Safety shields

Full Face Safety Shields  for Added Protection

Shop Full Face Safety Shields to Stay safe when Working with Hazadous Materials

Full face safety shields that are scratch proof and shatterproof for extra safety when working with hazardous materials. Always take that extra level of care to make sure you and your team are protected. LabFriend also has full body disosable coveralls, chemically resitant gloves, heat and cryogenically resitant gloves and protective footware available. Chat online with our customer service team to shop our large range of protective clothing and equipment. We source our safety shields and protective ware from quality PPE suppliers including Honeywell and UVEX

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UV protective face-shield MP-80

UV protective face-shield MP-80

LLG-Disposable Protective Visors

LLG-Disposable Protective Visors Transparent visor made of acetate With anti-fog coating Head ho...
From RM 336.60

Protective face shield FC 48

Protective face shield FC 48 Protective shield with adjustable head support and with forehead protec...
From RM 237.60

Protective face shield CONTRACID I

Protective face shield CONTRACID I Shield headband made from vulcanised fibre. With interchangeable ...
From RM 138.60

LLG-Protective Visor with chin protection

LLG-Protective Visor with chin protection Transparent 1 mm Flip-up protective polycarbonate visor ...
From RM 95.70

Face Shields Clearways

Face Shields Clearways Browguard CB14: Light weight Elastic napestrap allows individual adjustme...
From RM 66.00