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Dissecting Scalpels

Dissecting scalpels and needles. disposable scalpels also available to purchase online. Perfect for histology applicatiions

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Tissue Vial CryoELITE ® , sterile

Tissue Vial CryoELITE ® , sterile The CryoELITE ® Tissue Vials are specifically designed fo...
From RM 1,554.30

Disposable razor

Disposable razor 1 blade, incl. protective cap....
From RM 333.30

Scalpel blades, sterile

From RM 171.60

Aesculap ® Safety scalpel

Aesculap ® Safety scalpel Reducing the risk of infections caused by cuts and stab wounds suff...
From RM 148.50

Dissecting needle holder

Dissecting needle holder Wironit CrNi 18/12. For specimen loops and dissecting needles up to max. d...
From RM 122.10

Scalpel, stainless

Scalpel, stainless With wooden handle or stainless steel handle. Length 150 mm....
From RM 66.00

Scalpel blades, sterile

Scalpel blades, sterile For scalpel handles using the BAYHA interlocking system. Individually steril...
From RM 46.20

Scalpels, disposable Cutfix ®

Scalpels, disposable Cutfix ® Sterile. For cleaner, smoother, more accurate incisions. Excell...
From RM 36.30

Scalpel blades, non-sterile

Scalpel blades, non-sterile For scalpel handles using the BAYHA interlocking system. Sterile scalpel...
From RM 33.00

Blood lancets Solofix ® , sterile

Blood lancets Solofix ® , sterile For single use. Sharp, flexible lancet made of V2A supra steel...
From RM 33.00
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