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Chromatography Vials

Everything you need for chromatography - Vials, Tube (NMR) Caps, Lids, Closures, Septa and Crimping Tools

Chromatography vials including NMR tubes and vials with septa. Huge range of vials, septas and lids available. LabFriend also carries vial containers and crimping caps and crimping tools for attaching caps to vials.

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Vial kit WHEATON ® CompletePAK

Vial kit WHEATON ® CompletePAK Completely sterile, ready-to-use set including vial, crimp seal ...
From RM 6,504.30

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Crimping Tools

Stainless Steel Cleanroom Crimping Tools Ensure sample integrity in cleanroom environments La-Pha-P...
From RM 3,745.50


Vials WHEATON ® Clear Sterilised...
From RM 2,646.60

Flip-off-seals WHEATON ®

Flip-off-seals WHEATON ® With crimp seal....
From RM 2,052.60


Septa WHEATON ® For vials....
From RM 1,887.60

LLG Crimp neck vials ND13

From RM 1,062.60

Shell Vials Teteseal ® , with cap

Shell Vials Teteseal ® , with cap White polyethylene plug style needle closures, unattached M...
From RM 1,042.80

LLG-Crimping Tools ND8/ND11/ND13/ND20

LLG-Crimping Tools ND8/ND11/ND13/ND20 Stainless steel crimping Tools ND11, ND13, ND20 for cleanroom ...
From RM 947.10

PP Short Thread Cap

From RM 917.40