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BOD Measurement and Equipment

BOD measurement systems from leading brands including WTW, Aqualytic, and Oxitop range to cover the full spectrum of BOD measuring requirements.

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Incubator OxiTop ® Box for B.O.D. measurement systems OxiTop ®

Controlled temperature cabinet, OxiTop ® Box With temperature regulated forced air circulation....
From RM 23,800.92

Controlled temperature cabinets BOD

Controlled temperature cabinets BOD Compact Temperature cabinets with internal plugs for the use of ...
From RM 13,704.90

Thermostatic cabinets

Thermostatic cabinets The incubators from AQUALYTIC ® are designed for continuous tempering fo...
From RM 9,764.70

Stirrer for BOD measurement

Stirrer for BOD measurement Stirrers IS 6 and IS 12 have been specially developed for BOD measuremen...
From RM 5,052.30

Dilution water containers for BOD depletion water

Dilution water containers for BOD depletion water With vent, level display and stopcock. Solid-colou...
From RM 1,343.10

BOD-Measurement-System BD600

BOD-Measurement-System BD600 BOD measurement is an important measurement of the effects of domestic ...
From RM 567.60

Bottles (Karlsruhe bottles) with stoppers

Bottles (Karlsruhe bottles) with stoppers The special bottle neck of the Karlsruhe bottles absorbs t...
From RM 277.20

BOD meters Type KF 12, accessory funnel bottle

BOD meters Type KF 12, accessory funnel bottle Karlsruher BOD bottle with NS19 conical ground joint...
From RM 267.30

BOD-Measurement-System BD600

BOD-Measurement-System OxiDirect The sensor system AL606 is a 6-sample system which allows precise m...
From RM 221.10

BOD bottles with stoppers

BOD bottles with stoppers With NS 19 cone glass stopper....
From RM 194.70
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