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Gel Blotting Paper and Membranes

Gel blotting paper and membranes suitable for Western blotting, transfer membrane and x-ray cassettes from leading blotting provides including Whatman, GE and Sartorius

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Semi Dry Blotters

Semi Dry Blotters These Semi Dry Blotters offer rapid transfer times for DNA, RNA and protein blotti...
From RM 3,065.70

Transfer membranes Amersham Protran

Transfer membranes Amersham Protran Pure nitrocellulose with extreme mechanical stability - gives ex...
From RM 2,323.20

Transfer membranes WESTRAN ®

Transfer membranes WESTRAN ® PVDF membranes for protein transfers. Westran S are for protein mi...
From RM 2,026.20

Transfer System Nytran SuPerCharge Turboblotter TM

Transfer System Nytran SuPerCharge Turboblotter TM The TurboBlotter is very easy to set up, and wor...
From RM 1,098.90

Blotting paper

Blotting paper Recommended for blotting techniques with gels, like Southern, Northern and Western Bl...
From RM 990.00

X-Ray cassettes

X-Ray cassettes Standard design with lead lining and snap fit lid. easy to open, easy to close with...
From RM 762.30

LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose

LLG-Transfer membrane, supported nitrocellulose Supported Nitrocellulose transfer membranes combine ...
From RM 696.30

Staining Solution Ponceau S

Staining Solution Ponceau S For staining blotted proteins on nitrocellulose. Colour detection for im...
From RM 650.10

LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose

LLG-Transfer membrane, nitrocellulose Pure Nitrocellulose transfer membrane for all protein or immun...
From RM 627.00

LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF

LLG-Transfer membrane, PVDF Hydrophobic Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) transfer membrane with high b...
From RM 627.00

GEL blotting paper

GEL blotting paper Extremely pure, very absorbent, smooth paper for use in all protein and nucleic a...
From RM 653.40

Reinforcement films for X-Ray cassettes

Reinforcement films for X-Ray cassettes Reinforcement films Universal B 1 CaWo 4 , blue....
From RM 415.80
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